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II International Bibliographic Congress

Dear Colleagues!

Russian State Library, National Library of Russia, Russian Book Chamber, Russian Library Association, Library Assembly of Eurasia invite you to attend the II International Bibliography Congress to be held on October, 6—8, 2015 in the Russian State Library (Moscow, Russia). The theme of the Congress is “Bibliography: Look into the Future”. Bibliographers from all countries of the world are invited. Participation in the Congress is free.

Two plenary sessions and several section meetings on the following issues are planned:

  1. General problems of bibliography theory and practice
    — The role of researches in the development of bibliography
    — Profession of a bibliographer in the 21st century. Professional training and lifelong learning
    — Bibliography and web-environment
  2. Bibliographic record as a basis of bibliographic resources creation
    — Modern principles and technology of a bibliographic description and access points’ formation
    — Presentation formats and authority control of bibliographic data
    — Means of semantic bibliographic access
  3. Universal bibliographic resources
    — National bibliography: international cooperation, best practices in Russia and in other countries
    — Bibliographic control of local (regional) documents
    — Management and maintenance of library catalogues and corporative universal bibliographic resources (union catalogues, databases)
  4. Information and bibliographic support of science, education and culture
    — Bibliographic resources on the problems of science, technique, education and culture: their creation and using
    — Information and bibliographic provision of researchers and professionals
    — Information and bibliographic support of education
  5. Bibliographic support of free development of individual
    — Self-education, reading and bibliography
    — Bibliographic management of leisure
    — Bibliography for children and youth
  6. Information and bibliographic service and user training
    — Bibliographic search and management of reference service
    — Bibliography in the system of mass information activities of libraries
    — Bibliographic knowledge and skills in development of users’ information culture

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Program of activities

Applications are accepted:

  • Participation with a paper – until February 1, 2015 (until June 15, 2015 participants of the congress will be informed on inclusion (or not inclusion) their reports in the congress program). Poster presentations are planned;
  • Participation – until August 1, 2015.

The Organizing Committee of the Congress reserves the right to select the papers and does not provide funds for the travel and accommodation expenses and visa support for participants of the Congress. Visa support (official invitation) will be provided upon the request.

The cultural program of the Congress, the list of recommended hotels, requirements to reports and terms of their representation will be declared later. Participation in the cultural program is carried out at the expense of participants of the Congress.

Contacts: +7 (495) 695-45-49, +7 (495) 695-3138, e-mail: congress@rsl.ru


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