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Collection of Cartographic Publications

The volume of the collection   About 250 thousand storage units.
Period of coverage   From the XVI century to the present.
The assets of the collection   The main collection contains atlases, maps, plans, schematic maps, globes, cartographic products in a medium of microforms and optical disks. There is a wide array of plans of the settlements, smallholdings, country estates, as well as maps of the administrative-territorial division of the regions and districts.

The collection includes atlases in book form and lose-leaf ones. There are rare variety of maps in different printing mediums and forms of representation — on paper sheets and fabrics, rolled up wall maps and printed on cardboard, folded, three-dimensional, stereographic, in the form of postcards and calendars. There are special maps for the blind. The collection includes both text, graphic and illustrative supplements to cartographic documents.

In addition to the main one there is an auxiliary collection. It includes duplicates of the most topical and frequently asked for cartographic publications (comprehensive, regional, general geographic, regional and thematic atlases; tourist maps, plans of the cities), monographs and books on cartography, map studies, geodesy, reference materials. The auxiliary collection is openly accessible and placed in the reading room .

Together with the main collection of cartographic publications, a special collection of reference and bibliography acts as a part of the reference and search mechanism. It includes directories of administrative-territorial division, toponymic and terminology dictionaries, bibliographies and reference publications of a universal nature.

In addition, the cartographic publications which are not included in the Collection, can be found in the Central main collection and the collections of: the military literature, visual art publications, manuscripts, rare and valuable books.

The collection holder   The department of cartographic publications.
Where can I get acquainted with the publications of the collection   In the reading room of the department of cartographic publications.
Who can get acquainted with the publications of the collection   Any member of the Russian State Library.
Which catalogues contain the collection publications  
  • Catalogues of the department of cartographic publications
  • Digital catalogue of the RSL
  • Digital resources:
    Digital catalogue of the RSL

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