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Collection of Public State and Regulatory Publications

The volume of the collection   About 2 million domestic and 400 thousand foreign documents.
Period of coverage   From 1701 to the present.
The assets of the collection   The main collection consists of:

1. Official publications on regulatory legislation and the law:
  • official sources of document publications of the top state authorities of the Russian Federation ;
  • documents and publications of the UN, specialized UN agencies, the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights (the collection receives official UN documents obtained by the RSL as the official depository library of theUnited Nations);
  • universal and topical collections of documents of central government agencies of the Russian Federation;
  • official and scientific commentaries on legislation documents;
  • intergovernmental documents with the participation of the Russian Federation.

2. Official regulatory, industrial and practical publications:

  • domestic standardization documents (chronological coverage — from 1925 to the present);
  • domestic descriptions of inventions for copyright certificates and patents (from 1924 to the present. .)
  • industrial catalogues on domestic equipment and products (from 1950 to 2004);
  • statistical directories of Rosstat.

To ensure a comprehensive service to users, the collection accepted publications relating to the triad of unique monuments of national legislation and law. This are «Complete collection of laws of the Russian Empire», «Laws of the Russian Empire,» «Collected laws and orders of the government.» There is also a collection of statutes, agencies, public and political organizations of Russia and the USSR (1857-1991)

In addition to the main collection, an auxiliary one has been created, which includes additional copies of the most asked for publications, legal information materials and documents of a preliminary nature, reprints of regulatory documents, methodological publications, business cards, dictionaries and encyclopedias for general purposes.

In addition, the official publications which are not included in this collection, can be found in:
  • Central main collection;
  • Central Reference and Bibliographical ollection
The collection holder   The department of public state and regulatory publications.
Where can I get acquainted with the publications of the collection   In the reading room for the reading rooms for public state and regulatory publications.
Who can get acquainted with the publications of the collection   Any member of the Russian State Library.
Which catalogues contain the collection publications  
  • Catalogues of the department of of public state and regulatory publications
  • Central catalogue system of the RSL
  • Digital catalogue of the RSL
  • Digital resources:

Digital catalogue of the RSL
Digital library of the RSL





The volume of the collection
Period of coverage
The assets of the collection
The collection holder
Where can I get acquainted with the publications of the collection
Documents from the "Complete Collection of Laws of the Russian Empire and the statutes of Russia partially scanned and presented in a Universal collection of the Digital library of the RSL.
Who can get acquainted with the publications of the collection
Which catalogues contain publications of the collection

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