Mediateka i Mir (Mediatheque and the World)

Журнал Медиатека и мир Mediatheque and the World magazine is a joint project of RSL, the Embassy of France in Russia and the Mediateka of French Culture Centre in Moscow along with ’Library Science’ journal (Russia) and Bulletin de Biblioteke de France (BBF). It is focused at implementation of innovative information and communication technologies (ICT) into library practices to ensure access to the information for all social groups in both countries. It also provides analytical reports on ICT as an integral part of information society. Mediatheque and the World is a full-colour illustrated magazine on innovative ICTs in library practice. Its goal is to maintain information exchange between libraries and promote cross-cultural connections between libraries in Russia, CIS and the world.
The magazine is distributed to subscribers in Russia, CIS and internationally. Subscription code in the joint catalogue ’Press of Russia’ — 10698.

Co-founders and Publishers

Russian State Library
Centre for innovative library technologies of RSL


Russian Centre for sciences and culture (Paris)
Publishing House ’Bulletin de Bibliotheque de France’ (Lion)
The Embassy of France in Russia (Moscow)
The Mediatheque of Centre for the French culture (Moscow)


Crosscultural connections between libraries in Russia and internationally. IT literacy, mediasources, library science, culture, education, etc.


’Mediatheque and the world’ was established in 2006, first (2006–07) under the title of ’Mediatheque’.
In 2002 RSL, the Embassy of France in Russia and the Mediatheque of French Culture Centre in Moscow along with ’Library Science’ journal (Russia) and Bulletin de Bibliotheque de France (BBF) launched their project ’Mediatheque and the world’. The publication is devoted to implementation of ICT innovations into library practice and ensuring that all social categories of people in both countries are provided access to information. It also provides analytical reports on ICT as an integral part of information society.
The project is aimed at sharing information through publications in major, in their class, Russian and French journals, discussions, conferences, joint publishing programmes.
Russian librarian professionals, while having ICT experience of their own, are interested in French experience in this field, particularly in that of French mediatheques.

Mediatheque and the World publishes translations of articles by French and Russian authors on the issues of

  • mediatheques
  • education in the field of media
  • ICT literacy
  • information society
  • equal rights to unrestricted access to information, etc.
  • basic concepts related to ICT and functioning of mediatheques in Russia and in the world
  • helpful library-targeted media products and resources
  • innovations related to media-rooms and their functioning in public libraries as well as in their own rights, in France and Russia, application of multimedia and ICTs in libraries.

Information for authors

The English translation of PUBLIC OFFER (PUBLISHING) (russian version)


Russia — France: cross-cultural dialogue
Mediatheque, its modern state and prospects
ICT literacy

Publishing details

Frequency: quarterly
Pages: 44.
Format: 60×90 1/8
Circulation: 1000 copies