RSL 'Pashkov Dom' Publishing

RSL ’Pashkov Dom’ Publishing started in 1998 as a legal successor of the Publishing department of the Library. While developing its tradition to publish literature on Library Sciences it has expanded its publishing portfolio to facsimile and reprinted rarities, publications of yet unpublished manuscripts and archive documents, — many items that has been carefully preserved for decades are going to become public.

One of the Publisher’s major goals is to introduce the unique books and cultural memorials preserved in RSL to the academic world and to raise public awareness of them. Such academic publications are supplied with detailed reference lists, explanatory notes and illustrations.

RSL Publishing products overall represent the Library as an academic and research entity (monographs; scientific collections and series), a source for academic practices (reference books and practical guides) and coordination centre for Library Science. We list among our authors specialists of the Library as well as of major Russian and overseas information centres. The Publishing boasts of a broadest range of bibliographic publications: from specifically academic ones to those of general interest, universal as well as field-related .

We have recently became a part of a number of joint publishing projects, including those with overseas partners. Many projects are directed at introducing most prominent RSL documents — rare books, manuscripts, engravings and photos, yet known to a very limited circle of specialists, to the academic world to be shared and appreciated.

RSL Pashkov Dom Publishing is looking for partners and distributors to design and carry out joint publishing projects.

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Mr Oleg Andrianov

General Director of RSL ’Pashkov Dom’ Publishing
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Ms Larissa Ryazantseva

Executive Director of RSL ’Pashkov Dom’ Publishing
Tel.: +7 (495) 697–9390

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